Optimal central power station back up for wind – what is Claverton view?

The old power-station retention concept does require a lot of maintenance work to keep them open.
Long start up times are also an issue particularly if the turbine and the whole of the steam system is cold.
In comparison the engine based local CHP option can operate happily with minimal maintenance and with remote unmanned start up and operation.

The benefits from wind are clear they replace fossil fuel but are not effective as replacement capacity unless linked to a sufficiently large area of the world to ensure some wind all the time.

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Smart Metering 2009; Making it Happen

The Institution of Engineering and Technology are working with Tom Eales from Special Report Publishing who is producing a 16 page Smart Metering Supplement, to be published in The Daily Telegraph.

The supplement will focus on explaining the advantages, opportunities and challenges around smart metering for business and will be published in The Daily Telegraph on the 27th November 2008 with a huge circulation of 610,000 copies.

Further copies will be distributed at Smart Metering 2009 and all editorial content will also be published on the Daily Telegraph Business Club website. The tabloid-sized page report will be written by highly regarded journalists and industry speakers and will be packed with relevant editorial.

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How to Turn Standby Generation Into Profit-Making Assets

It does not make sense to ignore assets, leaving them idle, collecting dust and slowly degenerating (excuse the pun). Ask yourself why we spend thousands of pounds on standby generation just to have it lying dormant, gathering dust? Surely it makes much more sense to generate a profit from at least some of these assets.

With the continued expansion of wind energy the national grid need to increase their ability to cope with power fluctuations. They are already discussing ways in which they can encourage increased participation in Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR).
What is the solution? One solution is to increase use of embedded generation

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