About Claverton


The Claverton Energy Group

Claverton Energy Group is the leading independent broad-spectrum cross-silo energy think tank with over 100 active experts of practitioners, vendors consultants, politicians, and academia, that actively discusses energy issues across the full silos of fuel, power generation, politics, heat, building design, agriculture, and transport, economics; only if solutions are developed taking into account all cross-system interactions can realistic futures be designed.

It i s an online loose discussion group for professionals and experts interested in all aspects of  the energy world covering: technology, resources, policy, nuclear, modelling, futurology, economics, politics, generation technologies, conservation  renewables, combined heat and power CHP, transmission grids, solar, wind.

Participants share, swap and / or sell information, technology, jobs, ideas, policies etc with an underlying view that we are headed for difficult times on the Energy Front using this mailing system – if you are a paricipant you recieve all the emails and you can email everyone.  This website is not the main mechanism.

There is no group policy as such – merely an ongoing debate, in particular we are not for or against any particular policy or technology.

Some members are highly placed, running large base-load power stations at executive level, others are involved in the upper levels of energy utilities e.g. National Grid, Centrica, Civil Service and other National Transmission systems etc.

Also academics at Professorial level, engineers, managers, consultants, biologist, economists, architects reflecting a wide range of expertise and knowledge.

By these means the Relevance Paradox can be overcome