Moderating a group takes very little time.

Very few if any of the members need moderating since most people behave in a civilised manner.

On the rare cases when they do, they are put on moderation and uncivil mails rejected – this currently applies to no members.

Mostly it amounts to passing good posts from non members of that particular list and also rejecting spam – of which there is very little

Also  admitting members who want to join. This involves asking would be joiners for a short biog,  – if none is  provided then they are rejected.

But again this is pretty infrequent.

When recieved circulate biog to list members with the words” Introducing  xxxx”  in the subject, if and when they send one it.

Occasionally the list gets overloaded, in which case the members list will become flagged with “B” for Bounce and you have to go through and untick it.