Yes, we do accept relevant articles for publication!

All members/readers are welcome to submit original, high-quality, well-referenced articles, or informed comments. We also accept legitimate short extracts from other media articles. The Claverton Energy website receives 240,00 unique visits per month, so your publication will have high visibility to specialists in energy, environment, transportation, and logistics…

Articles are published in chronological order on the home page of the site. Priority is given to original articles that are not yet published on the web and are your own work or published with the author’s express permission.

News Briefs – can include extracts from published work/stuff in newspapers and some original comment or analysis, generally, these will be short. For example, view the News Brief” category, and select from the right Articles sidebar menu.

Article Submission Enquiry:

Finding Articles and New briefs – use either the keyword search box, the Tag Cloud, or the Category Search – these will not bring up articles from the library

Files – these are in the Library / Downloading Files section and are currently not searchable in the search box.  You can find this by clicking on the aforementioned tab.

Using WordPress

This is somewhat similar to using a word processor like MS Word. The text Editor options are at the top, allowing you to format text in a very similar way… using bold, italics, headings, bulleted lists etc.

NB: To keep all the site content in a similar and consistent format, we prefer you to use the default typeface (font) and not alter font colours unless its to emphasize or illustrate a point. Before posting any content, please proofread it for typos, grammar, punctuation…

There are some Brief Guidelines:

(these are still evolving)
Articles could be;

  • serious research papers, as per those written for a conference/meeting/thesis etc
  • thought-provoking analysis of current issues
  • challenges to existing policies
  • proposing new / better policies
  • humourous anecdotes related to energy/climate / transportation
  • new technologies explained[li]old technologies and their current relevance / non-relevance
  • debunking myths
  • etc

Feel free to be critical, provocative, scathing, amusing, satirical, educational and informative….
Don’t stoop to personal attacks (except on politicians – they are fair game

Publication: All articles are subject to Editorial Review

  • we will double-check/proof-read
  • we will determine the correct Category
  • we will check/add Tags and search engine optimisation elements
  • We reserve the right to determine when the article is published e.g. if multiple articles are submitted, we may choose to spread publication of them over several days.

Detailed Instructions:

Adobe PDF file download (not editable)

MS Word file download (so you can edit/make notes in your own copy)