Who are the Claverton Energy Group, the Claverton Energy Think Tank, the Claverton Energy Research Group

The Claverton Energy Group is a loose collection of individuals from various organisations with expertise in various areas related to energy, government policy, technology, engineering, finance, management, environment, climate change, transportation, agriculture, water, waste disposal and more…

Mission Statement: To provide an expert forum in which to rigorously debate energy issues, and thereby provide  fact based/ objective/independent analyses to government, media and businesses.

The intention is to facilitate information exchange, news, business deals (Business Directory), and other mutually beneficial transactions

It also a mechanism where participants can pose a question and get a very rapid and informed response – using the Mailing List Service and other mechanisms. Dialogues initiated between members often give rise to well considered articles and News Briefs which are continually published on the site.  See Appendices | Interlock Research

Claverton does not lobby for a particular solution, or industry, but it does raise awareness of issues that a significant no of members think is important – for example it has raised the profile significantly of the European Supergrid – a solution to wind intermittency, but having done that, it is up to policy makers to make what they will of it.

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pump power calculation2
claverton energy2
breakdown costs of csp2
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kiv turbine2
european supergrid1
relative cost of wind power vs. coal pow1
long distance transmission1
head loss with height1


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hybrid car engines3
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flywheel energy storage2
norway multiterminal hvdc2
mercury pendulum2
relative cost of wind power2
claverton energy2
why is wind power not reliable1
head loss piping pump

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