"US government should fund massive public works projects" – Dennis Kucinich – Congress

On the Today programme this morning (Wednesday 18th Dec) there was an interview with Dennis Kucinich, chair of a US congressional committee (who stood for the Democrats presidential candidate in 2004), and he proposed that the US government should take over creating money from the banks, to fund massive public works projects, rather than borrow money from the banks and have to pay them interest. The totally radical nature of this proposal (in mainstream economics terms) seemed to be lost on the interviewer, James Naughtie. You can hear the interview on
Martin Quick, spokesperson for Claverton Energy Group said “Such a proposal seems to be the only way to get us out of the mess we are in. Will any government take it up? I e-mailed the Today programme, pointing out the potential significance of this proposal, saying in the UK, it could fund massive programmes of public investment in transport infrastructure, energy efficiency and alternative energy etc.”

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