Toronto gets feed in tarrifs – we don't – we wonder why.

Quote “Renewable energy in Ontario got a massive boost Thursday with the proposal of a fixed-price plan that, by June, could see the province paying out generous premiums to large and small generators of green power.

The premiums – called advanced feed-in tariffs – are what the government guarantees to pay over the life a 20-year contract with sellers of electricity produced from the sun, wind, water and biomass, regardless of project size.” –

Comment – why don;t we have proper feed in tarrifs here? because it doesnt suit the interestes of the big utilities, who clearly control energy policy, and no surprise, don’t want to sell less of their conventional power by encouraging more power from small entrants……Ed

Source – Toronto Star


3 comments on “Toronto gets feed in tarrifs – we don't – we wonder why.

  1. It is being introduced from 1st April 2010…DECC will be issuing formal consultatio in Q2 2009…pre consultation work is ongoing.

    The Energy Act 2008 created the legal basis for this.

  2. Yes – but the government can move very fast when it wants to – its pretty clear to me they are dragging the whole thing out as much as possible, and I bet you will find whatever system of FITs they introduce will be a pale imitation of the successful German system.

    Why not just copy that?

    Because the people who dictate our energy policy – the big energy utilities don’t want there cosy semi monopoly threatened.

  3. The Feed in tariffs (by the way this is the way it is spelt…and I’m French!) it seems might come in the UK in April 2010, nevertheless it might be only for new installations only, shame!

    S Jaglin

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