“Too much Green Energy is bad for Britain” response

Martin Alder‘s response to the Telegraph article – “Too much green energy is bad for Britain.
In some of the worst weather for more than 30 years, green power still
only provides a tiny fraction of our energy needs.”


Mendacious and dangerous .. in fact, last week if they cared to look wind power was not for the first time helping to save gas with 5+ GW at transmission level and at least half again at distribution. It was very noticeable that gas stations were taking the brunt of the flexing (thus saving gas when there was a shortage) but of course the gas generators would be taking a hit .. there is a concerted effort from the right of politics to push back — we should recognise it for what it is .. I’d like to know who is financing the campaign does anyone have an insight?


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  1. Follow the money, this is just a continuation of the policy of not developing renewable energy in its various forms at a fast enough pace to replace fossil fuels. This policy appears to have been in place since at least the 1970s when the first oil crisis led to a fourfold increase in the price of oil. The higher the oil price, the more money there is to be made in taxes etc, and the more challenging the drilling operations E.g.North Sea Oil. the further the peak oil date Can, can be kicked down the road! The previous method was burning food AKA Biofuels e.g. Ethanol from Corn, the current one is Fracking, which last year we did not want, but now it is subsidized in the budget.

    As for a name, actions speak louder than words.

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