Grantholder in Materials for Low-Carbon Technologies

Job/Position: The Institute for Energy and Transport of the European Commission in Petten The Netherlands has a position for a Grantholder in Materials for Low-Carbon Technologies. The job description is as follows:

The aim of the proposed project is to assess the impact of material supply constraints on the large scale deployment of low-carbon technologies and to identify solutions to overcome potential material supply chain bottlenecks. The successful candidate will collect and analyse information about the supply, utilisation, market and pricing evolution, recycling and substitution potentials of critical materials, such as rare earth metals, used in energy and transport technologies and will maintain an online materials information system. The outputs of this project will include peer-review publications and reports in support of the Materials Initiative of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan and the Raw Materials Initiative of the Commission. This work will be carried out in close collaboration with other colleagues and will involve contacts with stakeholders in and outside the Commission.

The application procedure (deadline 31st August 2012) can be found here:

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