Summerleaze have decided to sell Green Hydrogen either as a going concern or the assets

Summerleaze have decided to sell Green Hydrogen (, either as a going concern or the assets.

Unlike many hydrogen businesses, it is actually producing and selling renewable hydrogen at the moment – 30 Nm3/hr of H2 and 15 Nm3/hr of O2, taking 200 kW (180 kW for the electrolysis and 20 kw parasitics) from our landfill-gas generation plant at the site (Waterbeach landfill, near Cambridge). It’s a Stuart/Hydrogenics system. It includes the compression and bottling plant. After significant investment of time and money, it now works pretty reliably on continuous production (I’ve mentioned several times in earlier emails about the issues with intermittent operation – basically, not to be advised, but a purchaser could make their own judgment).

We have another use for the land it is on, so we would prefer to sell it for removal to another site, or would require a significantly higher price to leave it in situ. Almost certainly of more interest to someone who has a potential site to relocate it to.

For some reason Green H2 haven’t put any pictures of the site on their web-page, but you can see a few rather uninspiring shots at

If you are interested, email me, and I will pass on your contact details to the Director responsible.

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