Solicitor seeking expert witness to aid defence of Drax 29

Dear Claverton Energy Group,

Please forgive this e-mail out of the blue. 
I am a solicitor representing 29 environmentalists who face criminal proceedings arising from an incident last year when they blocked a train carrying coal to DRAX coal fired power station.  They took the action in order to reduce CO2 emissions contributing to climate change.  I attach a copy of the prosecution’s summary of the case and the ‘defence case statement’ setting out my clients’ proposed defence.
I am looking for an expert to provide some background, probably a statement and possibly even evidence about coal fired power stations – how they work, how they contribute to CO2 emissions.  We are also looking for someone to look at the costs the prosecution and power station and rail companies attribute to my clients.
Is this something you may be willing and able to help with?   My clients’ case is largely legally aided and so we may be able to pay something towards your costs of a report (the court would be responsible for paying your fees should you attend court to give evidence).   My clients’ trial is at Leeds Crown Court from 29th June 2009 onwards and, while it is likely to last a few weeks, witnesses for the defence, such as you (if you were to help) would be needed in the first half of July probably.
If you cannot help, can you point me in the direction of anyone else who might be able to do so?  I have, for example, been given the name of Janet Ramage, a co-author of yours, but for whom I do not have an e-mail address readily to hand.  
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Mike Schwarz

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