Smart metering energy display device for schools

Dear Dave
You have been trying to contact me via claverton. The product you need from us is the Cube.i.p which is currently being completed in it’s latest version  and will provide accurate voltage measurement, power factor real time measurement. Any kind of measurement and analysis you want in fact, and any graphing you want on it’s embedded web pages. I am about to install into another school which will benefit not just from savings but from information for their students over their intranet. I saw your posting of several weeks ago in which you were describing a plan to take pv to industry as part of a complete energy management package and I believe our Cube.i.p meter will be the ideal tool for you. You can even brand it if you want and we will also provide you with customised web pages if you desire. This is a standalone product that can take pulse inputs from gas and water meters as well as provide accurate analysis of any aspect of electricity imaginable. It also incorporates degree day data, can measure temperature and can be fed with sensible drivers to make sense of the energy readings. The data can be served up as kWhs cash and carbon but if all this sounds expensive don’t worry it isn’t. My brief to our designers  was a fully specced meter that provides a business case for energy management for SMEs. By the way One thing I’d love to explore with you is the incorporation of dc measurement of pv input to make a product that gives pv users real time and historical info on their pv gen in conjunction with the mix they may use from the grid or elsewhere.
My mobile number is 07779977003 You can call me anytime. I look forward to speaking to you. Julia
Kind regards
Julia szajdzicka
Managing Director
ND Metering Solutions
01274 729533