Sea Kayak Tours – Akaroa Harbour Nature Tours

Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruises 11.30am – 2.30pm

Often we have comments from our guests that “This is the highlight of our trip to NZ! Our safaris are a great way to explore our stunning volcanic shoreline from a unique angle in an eco friendly manner with out the noise, pollution and hustle and bustle of boats. Departing from Akaroa village on the grass opposite Ratatouille Restaurant or The Peninsula General Store Cafe, you will be met 5 minutes before your trip time by your experienced friendly local guide who will share Akaroa’s secrets with you and lead on the ancient volcanic trail through our flooded crater.

For around 30 minutes you will enjoy a relaxed and informative introduction briefing to sea kayaking on Akaroa Harbour nature cruises, preparing you for your safe and fun adventure onto the stunning extinct volcanic basin waters. You will have time to take in the views & change into your kayaking gear while you learn new skills and prepare for your kayaking experience.

You will learn about kayaking safely and how to move through the water easily and without exerting yourself. You won’t be asked to immerse yourself underwater, unless that is you want to, so relax and enjoy. After your informative safety briefing we will prepare your kayak for launch onto the water.

Comfort and safety is always our number 1 priority during this adventure. Under the watchful eye of your guide you will paddle out and have chance to try your new skills before starting your safari.

You will gently paddle along the coastline while your guide points out places of interest and any wildlife that may cross our path that they discover. Exploring remote bays and inlets you will engage with nature and find tranquility in sea kayaking, while getting an “up close and personal” natural Eco experience that is unique to New Zealand.

We want you to enjoy your experience and soak in all the views with out juggling a camera so we offer an “on water” photography service ( our guides love capturing those magic moments!) We will have your memories available for purchase after the trip so you can share your experience with family and friends around the world.


We will also be taking a comfort break on a remote beach for around 20 minutes, during this time you can explore, swim or simply soak up our pure New Zealand environment. Your guide will provide you with a kiwi secret, New Zealand’s world famous cookie time cookie, straight from the factory in Christchurch, while sharing stories about the area, local folk and our unique Kiwi French village by the sea.

After the break you will launch your kayaks back into the water and continue your safari while your guide watches out for points of interest. Paddling along you will experience the massive scale of landscape and the peace and tranquility that surrounds our extinct, sea flooded volcano crater.


During your safari your local guide will share how this small village of 600 inhabitants really ticks, explaining and answering any questions that you may have along the way. Your kayaking adventure comes to an end when you land back onto the beach you left a few hours before. You will feel relaxed and energised after your journey. The excursion returns to Akaroa, and upon arrival you will have the opportunity to experience some of Akaroa’s historic and beautiful locations in your own time before the day is over.

Why go with a guide? With over 17 square miles of stunning harbour waters we take your safety and comfort seriously. Your local friendly guide knows all the secret spots, and a trained eye on what to look for. The weather conditions in New Zealand are extreme and changeable. Renting a kayaking and going out with out a guide is NOT recommended. There have been too many tourist kayaking fatalities in New Zealand. Your local friendly guide knows what weather signs to look for, is trained in rescue techniques and knows the best locations & hotspots and will ensure you get the most out of your experience in a relaxed, safe and enjoyable way.

Your Guided Safari is designed to accommodate a variety of skill levels, most guests have never sea kayaked before. We will ensure you get all the basics you need before you hit the water. Paddling is easy and fun! Although we see alot of wildlife please note sightings are NOT guaranteed as we can not control the movements of nature, how ever an enjoyable paddle in a stunning setting certainly is! The area you can explore will depend on your ability and the conditions on the day.


We travel in double kayaks which are far better suited to our sea conditions, they offer safe, strong and very stable experiences for our guests

Your time on the water will be fun and memorable, many guests say it’s their New Zealand highlight, for others it’s the start of something new…a lifetime love of sea kayaking..come and join us!


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