Renewables and the Grid Conference – May 13-14, 2009 | Almas Temple Club, Washington, DC

Part Two of an Interconnected Conference with:
National Energy Policy


Transmission holds the key to meeting renewable energy goals nationwide. It is projected that nearly all easily accessible wind sites will be exhausted within two to four years, and both utility-scale solar and geothermal are likewise transmission constrained. Hundreds of billions of dollars of investment in transmission megaprojects, smart grid technology and power storage are needed to support the coming wave of renewable development. What national policy changes will be implemented regarding transmission siting, cost allocation, smart grid commercialization and energy storage? What impacts are state and local initiatives like CREZ, WREZ and RETI having on the development of transmission to serve renewables? Will queuing issues for renewable projects be solved?

The Renewables and the Grid Conference will bring together utilities, regulators, ISOs and renewable energy developers to discuss how to overcome regulatory and operational challenges to facilitate the delivery of renewable energy. They will explore the potential changes to national transmission siting and cost allocation policies; the expansion of incentives for smart grid commercialization and power storage; and the effectiveness of state and local initiatives to drive the construction of transmission to bring renewable energy to load centers. Finally, they will examine the status of transmission megaprojects proposed to serve renewable energy as well as pilot energy storage projects.

The conference will be closely tied to another event, The National Energy Policy Conference, which will unite utilities, independent power producers, regulators, renewable energy companies and other stakeholders to discuss the latest national energy policy developments.


Key Industry Players Discuss Bringing Renewable
Energy to the Grid, Covering:

  • Updates on Queue Reform
  • Green Grid Initiatives
  • Status and Update for Megaprojects
  • Power Storage and Advanced Batteries
  • Transmission Siting Reform
  • Cost Allocation for Transmission Projects
  • Smart Grid Commercialization
  • Advanced Batteries and Energy Storage Commercialization

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