Promoters overstate the environmental benefit of wind farms

According to the Daily Telegraph, Dec 21, The British Wind Energy Association, (BWEA ) the wind farm industry lobby group, has been “forced to admit that the environmental benefit of wind power in reducing carbon emissions is only half as big as it had previously claimed”. This is because it used a carbon emission figure for coal fired power stations, rather than an average figure. This follows a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority.

This is arguably a perverse interpretation of the facts and / or an admission that the emissions trading scheme is not or will not work.  If the emissions trading scheme is working, then the whole rationale is to force off the system the highest carbon emitter which will be old coal – 860 grams of carbon dioxide emission for every kilowatt hour of electricity generated which is the carbon emissions figure the BWEA   was using, whereas now it has been forced to use the average figure of 430 g/kWh.

This inconsistency has previously been pointed out by William Orchard of Orchard Partners, who points out the same flawed logic in Government calculations.

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