Prof Dave Elliot and Renew – Claverton Energy Group's "House Magazine"

Renew, the long-running 34 page bimonthly newsletter on renewable energy developments and policy, is now being offered to subscribers in PDF form.  It’s an invaluable and unique source of news and analysis produced by Prof  Dave Elliott of the Open University. Now in its 30th year, it covers news and issues from the UK, EU and around the world, and also relays and digests material emerging in/from Claverton Energy Group.   For subscription details and more info see: 

CEG gets lots of plugs, and stuff from and about Claverton.  eg. Issue 181 (out in Sept.) has a piece by Polly Higgins  on CSP updated from her earlier CEG piece, and 182 covers the Claverton Supergrid Parliamentary bash.  183 has a version of Neil Crumpton’s excellent  new heat scenario. Hopefully  that tradition  can continue – Dave Elliot sees Renew as partly the CEG house magazine!