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Claverton Group members, ( a member of the management Board of the Group below and a sizeable respectable company ) has asked me to post this:
“Our Group is looking for new products and markets that we can use to assist the growth of our existing companies into expanded or new markets, leveraging our existing skills.
As a sister entity to a regulated water company in the UK, the Group has very good relationships with UK water companies and other utilities and through its current service offering has developed good relationships with local authorities, government agencies and housing associations as well. The Group’s current strategy is to continue to focus on this customer base. As a utility and regulated entity, the Group feels it understands the needs of its utility clients and perceives the local authority market to be a more natural fit vs. commercial enterprises. Local authorities should be more risk adverse and hence more loyal and less price sensitive (in theory). In addition, they provide a good balance to the natural AMP cyclicity experienced by water companies. Therefore, we would be most interested in hearing thoughts on what types of services a engineering services business could and does offer to these markets.”
Maybe you or your company can offer services or ideas to this company? If so pass them to me and I will pass them on in confidence. I’m thinking they could be offering various energy conservation, energy monitoring, carbon monitoring, water meter management, utility bill management, pump and fan maintenance, solar panel and heat pump installation,  and so on.

Dave Andrews

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  1. In reply to Mr. Dave Andrew’s request and your advertisement for ” Potential Business Opportunity, I can can offer services and ideas to the company.

    Please visit my website http://www.neatuloo dotsympbol com.

    I have close contact with leading process development engineers of bio-energy company who supply the technologies to all the water authorities in the U.K and worldwide.

    I have been invited as a VIP speaker at the ” Bioenergy Technology and Investment Summit” to be held at Shenyang, China on 20th and 21st May 2010.

    My Ph. D is in Quality Control and I have 30 years industrial experience including FORD Motor Company, Dagenham

    I can also offer services in energy monitoring and carbon monitoring activities.I am prepared to act as a consultant for any size of company. Thanking you.

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