Almost new 1.5 MW Jenbacher biogas engine

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Almost new gas engine built to operate on biogas generated from a gasification process from woodchip. The project is for The Highland Council in Wick who are carrying out an assessment of possible options for heat supply.

The engine specification is as follows:

  • Engine model Jenbacher JMS 620 GS-S.L.  (1.5MWe)
  • Gas analysis: 15-20% H2; 3%CH4;15-20% CO; 10% CO2; 40-50% N2
  • 43 starts
  • Generated 6.4MWh
  • Operated for 13 hours


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13 comments on “Almost new 1.5 MW Jenbacher biogas engine

  1. I am interested in this product for a large scale greenhouse CO2 capture and compress operation. I need to know the capital and maintenance costs of this unit A.S.A.P. e-mail or call @ 905 822-1539

  2. What is the voltage? What is the year of manufacture of the Jenbacher? Woodward controls? How much? Cost to ship to western U.S.? How long to deliver. Thanks!

  3. Dear Sirs

    First of all i wish for the new year 2012 to be healthy and creative .
    I own the xxx Company and the next months we are establishing a gs fuelled Plant in vvvvv for generating 1.500 to 3.000 KWe , adopting a Fluidized Bed Gasification Technology .
    We are strongly interested in the offered Jenbacher Gas Engine and we are asking for the provison of the following :
    1. Your Financial Offer
    2. The operation report
    3. The Technical Specs
    4. Any available photo.

    Being awaiting for your reply and thanking you in advance i wish you any best.



  4. A contact can sell three JENBACHER 616 1.605 kW 600v 16v turbocharged engines and all controls switches and cabling for 225k sterling plus dismantling and packing for transport. These engines were installed in 1997, have been running until recently and serviced by Jenbacher. They have run 60k hours.
    Please confirm your interest.

  5. We are looking for Gas generator Jenbacher 1 MW new or used.
    send us technical and commercial offer

    Thanks and best regards

  6. I needs these model geneter gas urgent basis.                               1.geneter j. 320 gs jenbacher  2.geneter cat. 3516 gas         Needs that iteams in geneter.  Manf years. 2004 to 2012 running hours 5000. Heat exchanger and cooling tower.          Qty.  2.  Delivery. Ready needs.  Thanks. Qamar zaman from zain international

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