Letter to Greg Barker, Minister of State for Energy


Issue 1 – in the I&C (Industrial and Commercial) gas supply market, gas meters are being changed out totally unnecessary to change from one owner, National Grid Metering to ANother MAM (Meter Asset Manager) simply because of a loop hole left by OFGEM in gas meter competition arrangements. This will be costing the consumer but they do not know this because they do not get visibility of the costs because of Issue 2 below

Issue 2 – through the OFGEM competitive gas meter provision arrangements, the cost of gas metering is bundled up in the unit cost of gas so the consumer has no visibility of how much he is paying for the gas meter and gas meter maintenance. What is the point of having competition in gas metering if the consumer never sees what he is paying for?

Issue 3 – When the unnecessary gas meter change out is made the consumer has to arrange a shutdown for his whole operation (typically a hospital, University etc.) and his AMR (sometimes an EMT  DATA BIRD system) is disconnected to boot, losing valuable gas consumption data for consumer Utility management!

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