No more queue for transmission access in UK?

According to Paul…..

transmission capacity,

– there is no longer any queue following the 8th May Ofgem letter (publications page, Ofgem website) that interim connect and manage is now in force. Grid published its own letter Thursday 21st May confirmed that 2 GW of Scottish new generators had asked to be advanced under ?interim connect and manage plus 10 GW in England and Wales.

There is no longer any queue, the moment local connection works (the transformer – fairly easy and quick) are complete REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE DEEPER GRID IS READY you have the right to either generate or receive full compensation (at your choice of “bid” price) from Grid.

Developers in a queue can approach Grid now asking for an earlier connection date.

The 8th May letter was preceded by another publication on 19th March from Ofgem which was a consultation, yet appeared on the publications part of their site (now in archived publications).

A 30th March publication from Ofgem showed an intent to put in place the same for embedded (non-transmission-connected) generation, but that is not yet done. Mind you they I think less often had to wait (“queue”).

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