Become an energy consultant

Telephone Consultancy For Experts

It is possible for experts to earn $500 per hour (several Clavertons already do this) through specialist referral agencies such as Gerson Lehrman and Vista Research Inc. etc. These agencies typically put experts in touch with Wall Street Investment houses who want a half hour chat about a particular topic. We work with Gerson Lehrman to make your expertise available.

Traditional Consultancy

We can also provide a consultancy brokering service.

Both these options rely on members filling in their User Profiles on the Forum with as much information as you wish / or are comfortable with.

Sensitive details are kept private – i.e. are neither available to other members, nor the public. This includes;

  • Highest Educational Qualifications
  • Educational Qualification: Discipline
  • Current Employer

Ideally – if you’d like to be considered for either of the above options – you should complete all of the User Profile options or, at the very least, provide a short biographic paragraph to go in the box labelled “Biography – some brief details,”

The more details we have on record, the more likely it that you would be selected as a candidate to provide telephone or traditional consultancy services…