Nazi government slashing renewables funding forcing fracking on unwilling population

On 27 Nov 2015, at 12:11, ‘David Hirst’ [Claverton] wrote:

So it will still go ahead, even if the local area is devastated. There is no possibility that Greg Clark will risk the wrath of Osborne or Cuadrilla by turning it down.

Something so far undiscussed in the latest dash for gas is the relationship with fraking. If we have a stack of new gas plants planned, then the need for gas becomes paramount, and the last thing we can afford as a country is a further drain on our balance of payments. So every fraking well will become a matter of national importance.

Of course, renewables offers the same balance of payments benefit, but that seems to be apostasy. Similarly with energy efficiency.

If you have a fraked well, the last thing you want is a demand for (say) 400 hours a year, at unpredictable times. I am not sure how fraked gas well react to being switched off and on, but I doubt that it will encourage maximum production.

But if you run a gas plant every day, say for about 15 hours, then the gas production can be pretty near continuous (and so, perhaps, profitable).

This would suit a system with “baseload” nuclear (i.e. will not be switched off, even if nobody wants its output), and peaks, filled with “two shift” gas generation. In such a scenario the gas pipeline (line pack) is pretty much able to store a day’s worth of gas, and hence let the fraked well produce continuously. What need is there for renewables, as they just reduce the demand for gas?

The question is whether DECC, Amber, Osbourne and other policy-makers have enough nonce to be aware of this, and are being deceived by their lobbyists (a cock up scenario), or are keeping mum in the expectation that the rest of us are deceived (the conspiracy scenario).

But it is clear that this is the likely outcome of what they are doing. And it is NOT in the best interests of anybody except the nuclear and fossil fuel industries, and their backers – the banks – in the service of the rich. Just like Barclays, who have just paid a fine of £72 million to arrange a top secret investment deal of £1.8billion.

There is a wilful blindness deep in the Establishment (as Owen Jones exposes well). It is more explicit in “The Prostitute State” I dare not share the contents page, as most filters would then block the message.

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