Natural gas power station to use revolutionary fuel cell technology

AFC Energy plc, the world’s leading developers of low-cost alkaline fuel cell technology, announced in mid-July 2010 that they will be supporting a project being developed by B9 Coal, and its affiliate B9 Gas, to create a natural gas power station using revolutionary fuel cell technology.

This ground-breaking project will incorporate up to 99% carbon capture and storage.

It was announced in response to the UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC) call for the application of carbon capture and storage (CCS) to natural gas to be included in the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) CCS demonstration competition.

In a press statement B9 Gas Director Alisa Murphy commented: ‘We are offering a technically advanced solution to the problem of carbon emissions and climate change. The combination of natural gas with alkaline fuel cell technology will become a game-changing template for clean energy generation with carbon capture.’

B9 Gas intends to integrate the known technology of steam methane reforming (SMR) with AFC Energy’s low-cost alkaline fuel cells to create a modular, on-demand, decarbonised power plant. The project will offer significant advantages over conventional natural gas power plants with turbines, primarily the ability to load follow by storing hydrogen to generate electricity during peak demand.

‘The inclusion of AFC Energy’s technology in this bid illustrates another deployment opportunity for our low cost alkaline fuel cell systems’, commented AFC Energy CEO Ian Balchin.

‘Recognition of the value that AFC Energy’s fuel cell systems will bring is gaining momentum with projects across a range of markets including the chlorine industry, waste to energy, clean coal gasification and now in conjunction with clean natural gas,’ Ian Balchin added.. ‘Successful deployment with the B9 Gas project would demonstrate the huge technological leap that the fuel cell represents within the clean energy market’

By developing the only commercially viable alkaline fuel cell system, AFC Energy aims to be the catalyst for ensuring that the switch to clean power generation is a cost competitive and scalable transition.

AFC Energy is one of the world’s leading developers of low-cost alkaline fuel cells. AFC Energy’s technology is focused on large-scale industrial applications and the objective of producing the lowest possible unit cost electricity. Further information ca found at the company’s web site:

B9 Coal ( was established in 2009 with the objective of developing projects combining coal gasification with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and alkaline fuel cell technology.
B9 Gas is an affiliate on B9 Coal focused on the opportunity of using the alkaline fuel cell to generate power from natural gas with carbon capture.

Compiled by Andrew W. Cox, Energy Intelligence & Marketing Research, UK