2 MWM engines and absorption heat pumps for sale

The MWM Engines are packed into wooden boxes and duly covered. In order to take the name number plates embedded on the engine casing, we will have to open them all and client will not permit us for that till the deal is sincerely ON as they will have to waste the packaging of all boxes. So for the time being the serial now what we received in the packing list from MWM factory at Indian customs has already been forwarded to you. Other details are as below:

Quantity of MWM 3.9 MW Gas engines in stock – 5 Nos. (All brand new, never run )
Type- 4 stroke gas engine medium speed (Test platform papers attached to get all technical details)

Year Build – 2009

Serial No – please refer to the excel file linked below

a) Nearest airport is New Delhi Airport for 2 Nos near to customer head office
b) Nearest Airport is Hyderabad (South India) for 3 Nos

Contact tyningroad@gmail.com for more details


IMG-20150709-WA0023 IMG-20150709-WA0019 IMG-20150709-WA0005 IMG-20150709-WA0039 IMG-20150709-WA0035


3 comments on “2 MWM engines and absorption heat pumps for sale

  1. Dear
    we are interest in your MWM gas generator. please inform me is we can buy 3 unit (12MW) of this. best regard

  2. Dear sir,

    I’m interested in the machines on this page. Would you send me more information about them. What is the price and the location? Have machines warranty?

    With best regards,
    Met Vriendelijke groet,

    All Industrial Machines

  3. To whom it may Concern,
    We ,Roshd Energy Group (REG), are a privately owned holding company engaging in luxury residential complex construction & Distributed Generation small scale power plants projects as well. At the moment, we own several facilities in both fields & have been focusing on increasing our market share specially in Gas engine based DGs.

    We have been interested in your brand new 5 x MWM Gas Engines , for one of our 25 MWatt projects. It should be noted that all the other remaining phases of the project are executed & will be commissioned under the existing PPA contract upon installment of the GEs.
    We had several questions on the matter as follows,

    1. Are there any Operating Hours (OH) of any kind on the units? If any, kindly note any testing hours, actual operating hours or the number of starts since the manufacturing date.

    2. Are there any reports available on the manufacturing,shipment ,commissioning, operation & shut down dates of the units? If any,kindly furnish them.

    3. Has ever been any kind of Guarantee issued for the units? If any, kindly note them & their expiration dates.

    3. Are There any kind of Maintenance history reports available on the units? If any, kindly note them.

    3. Have ever any kind of Maintenance procedures been done on the units? If any, kindly note the procedures & the maintenance contractors.

    4. Have ever any kind of partially,Main or necessary Overhauls been done on the units?If any,Kindly note them.

    5. Have ever been any kind of Technical Issues regardless of being major or minor on the units?If any, kindly note them.

    6. In case of purchase when would be the earliest possibility of the shipment of the units?

    7. Will the units be dismantled by the seller upon shipment ?

    8. Are there any kind of spare parts available on the units? If any, kindly note them.

    9. Is there any possibility of inspection carried out by our representatives or by any reputable inspection authority?

    10. Will the seller be open to payment via bank Letter of Credit (LC)?

    11. Is the seller open to any flexible method of payment?

    Please do not confine your responses to Gas engine equipment but also consider Generator (or alternator), Transformer, switch gears & any other part for that matter.
    Please note that we would be interested in any other similar equipment.

    Should have any questions on the matter, please feel free to contact us.
    We are be looking forward to your response,

    Thank you in advance,
    Sincerely yours,

    Schwan Farahani,
    Technical Manager
    Roshd Energy Group (REG)
    Tel: 0098 (21) 2613 1939
    Mobile: 0098 912 620 3914
    E-mail: Schwan.farahani@roshdenergygroup.com

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