List of Energy Acronyms / Glossary




 AFC           Automatic Frequency Control

AFRO         Automatic Frequency Responsive Operation (same as AFC)

AGC           Automatic Generation Control

AGR           Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (unique to GB, operated by British Energy/EdF)

BWR          Boiling Water Reactor  (Second most common reactor type world-wide)

IAEA          International Atomic Energy Agency of the U, based in Vienna

K.E.N.T. = the Key Environmental Non-judgemental Task Force

Magnox       The reactor type of the first family of nuclear power stations in the UK (mostly shut down now)

NEA           Nuclear Energy Agency of the OECD, based in Paris

PWR           Pressurised Water Reactor (the most common reactor type world-wide)

WANO       World Association of Nuclear Operators (a voluntary association of all the operating commercial nuclear plants in the world, devoted to “excellence in operations”)

WNA          World Nuclear Association (the commercial association of nuclear operators, fuel suppliers and contractors to the nuclear industry)  

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