Le Canard Enchaine reports on Sizewell C costs being higher than renewables

Link to research on which this article is based – https://claverton-energy.com/baseload-power-generators-such-as-nuclear-power-plant-are-not-needed-in-an-all-renewable-future-and-their-use-would-simply-increase-costs.html

English gentlemen…This comes from England.

On July 20, the British government gave the green light to the construction of two EPRs in Suffolk, The Sizewell C power plant – if it sees the light of day – would have EDF as prime contractor ( 80%, in partnership with the Chinese CGN). It would cost at least 23 million euros and would supply 6 million households. Immediately, the Claverton Enency Research Group, a think tank of more than 100 British engineers, scientists and academics who have worked in the field of energy, takes the floor. They have been debating energy policies online for twenty years. Until now, they had different points of view on nuclear power.  (And still do have different points of view – Ed.) But in this …

One of them, the highly respected Professor Mark Barrett, from University College London, has just modelled the comparative costs of nuclear and renewables. Taking for example the two EPRs currently under construction at Hinkley Point. A piece of work brought about from thirty-five years of meteorological data: solid stuff.
Its conclusions, which join those of many other studies, are irrefutable. “Nuclear energy is more expensive and longer to build than renewables”
More expensive? “A wind farm of 7 GW will produce environ 40% of electricity more than Hinkley Point, for a cost per kilowatt hour of 30 to 50% lower”. – Quite a margin ..

Slower? For wind power (or solar power), it goes very quickly (within four years, estimates the Claverton Group). To build an EPR reactor, it is at least twice as much (started in 2016, the Hinkley Point construction site will last until 2027!)

But it is urgent …The Claverton Group publicly states its opposition to this new EPR project. ( this last sentence is not true. What we have done in the release was to report on Professor Barrett’s work and the release specifically states that it is not a general Claverton view – Ed.)

Another of its members, Doctor Keith Baker, in charge of research on energy poverty, insists on the fact that it will be the underprivileged households which will be the first to suffer. While renewable energies guarantee electricity mature and cheap.
Objection, your honor!

Since they depend on wind and sun, renewables, will they be unable to ensure a constant minimum level of electricity supply?

Classical argument. but false, remark our experts.
Not only in 2 years from now the ScottishPower operator has managed to restart its electric network after a black out thanks exclusively to Eolic energy, but “even during winter consumption peaks, all the energy can come from renewable resources.” It is enough to foresee sufficient reserve of energy storage and to play with the European and extra European interconnections.
The English, will they really add 2 EPR to the 2 already at Hinkley Point? There, the debate is open. But here.. in February, Macron has announced 14 new ones…
The next French Presidential term will be Ecologique or it will not last.

Jean-Luc Porquet

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