House of Commons presentation, June 18th 2009- European Supergrid and 100% Renewable Energy

(Please note you must be in the designated room by 9.45 as this event will start at 10.00 sharp.) 

We would like to advise you of the above meeting organised by the Claverton Energy Group of Independent Experts, at which 2 energy professionals Dr Mark Barrett and Dr Gregor Czisch will discuss their studies which show that UK and Europe could have a 100% renewable power supply at reasonable cost providing (amongst other things) that modern cheap and efficient High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) long distance transmission links are built. 

This is analogous to the way the efficiency of generation rose and power prices were reduced in the UK following the construction of National Grids in the 1930s simultaneously all over Europe within 10 years.  These grids shared out the intermittency of large power plants  on a national scale and so reduced the need for reserve and back up and enabled only the most efficient and cheapest power stations to be selected.  Thus the European Supergrid is merely an evolutionary step. To achieve it in good time means that European policy must be changed so that planning and design can begin now.

Many commentators believe that the Supergrid  whilst good for energy consumers is not necessarily good for the big utilities since it will make many of their existing power stations obsolete, mean fewer new power stations have to be constructed, and lead to less sales of power station fuels by again selecting the most efficient stations this time at a transnational level.

It is for this reason that it is believed by many commentators that the Supergrid cannot be merely left to market forces and government policy continue to be dictated by the big utilities.  The highly beneficial UK National Grid only came about following Lord Weir’s Independent Commission (1927) and subsequent government action against the wishes of the then smaller utilities who stood to lose out.

The event is principally aimed at Parliamentarians and Government advisers but all energy experts are invited.

There are limited spaces so please contact Clair at Substance PR details on the flyer) to book a space. (If you cannot open the attachment there are details on the Claverton Web Site)

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Claverton Energy Group

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