Gas scrubber / tar and contaminant remover, succesful in several gasifier fuelled engine installations

Richard Hanson writes:

To answer your question, no – I’m afraid we don’t have a wood gasifier.  But we do have several plants which are being used very successfully on wood gasifiers to provide gas cleaning between the gasifier and the compressor or engine, depending on the system configuration.  The core technology is the V-texTM scrubber ( which has the ability to scrub tars and particulate from the gas stream without clogging, and at the same time, to cool the gas reducing its moisture content so it is conditioned for use in the engine.

We have a pilot scrubber available for use and in the past year have provided full-size units on 3 separate applications, numbering more than a dozen separate V-texTM scrubbers.  We are currently providing a further system for a UK application and have a number of firm enquiries which we hope to turn into projects in the UK and Europe in the first half of 2010.

Our product manager for the V-texTM technology is Terry Dumbrell .  If you have a specific application in mind and need more detailed information, Terry is the best point of contact.

Many thanks for your interest in ERG.

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