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                              Steam Turbine Package

Steam Turbine (Non Condensing)

Manufacturer:                                     Peter Brotherhood

Year of Manufacture              1993

Type :                                      22.9 SS Horizontal

Turbine Rating:                       1695 KW.

RPM                                       7556

Total Hours                             77,000

Steam Pressure                      46 BAR A

Steam Temp                           420 Deg C

Exhaust                                   3.4 BAR A

Last Inspection                        2013

Date last in operation              2017

Drawings / Documentation      Available

ST Generator

Manufacturer:                                     Brush

Year of Manufacture             1993

Rating:                                     2250 kva

Frequency:                              50Hz

P.F                                          0.8

RPM                                        1500

Voltage:                                   11000

Phase                                     3

Coolant                                   Water @ 30 Deg C

Weight                                    9380 Kg

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