Complete 7 MWe Deutz ( 2 x 3.5MWe) gas engine CHP power plant for sale and re-installation in the country of your choice. Similar available on biogas / digester gas

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Introduction: A highly technically skilled and experienced company who routinely install new, or dismantle and re-locate large engine driven power stations arond the world – typically say from China to Nigeria (20 MW diesel0, or from Spain to Russia (5 MW gas) or from Finchley North London, to Wessex Water Poole (Jenbacher 0.7 MW biogas).  This one, a 7 MW station, comprising 2 x 3.5MW engines, (that’s about 3 High Speed Train power cars) is lying in store in the UK, fully refurbished.  There is probably a not inconsiderable commission to anyone finding a home Price tag around $2 million dollars.

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Technical specification and offer no. Q1225 for 2 x 3.535 MWe DEUTZ TBG 632V 16 Gas Power CHP station










The supply, construction and commissioning of a 7 MWe power station first commissioned in September 2000 but mothballed in November 2001. Now available for immediate relocation – 50hz utiltiy.

Basic scope of work is to dismantle in Europe, pack, ship, re-erect and commission a 7MWe gas fuelled power station. A Turnkey price can be provided subject to site survey, civil and electrical infractructure requirements.

The available equipment consists of two DEUTZ TBG632V16 gensets powered by natural gas and all the necessary ancillary equipment including heat recovery and transfer plant, controls, switchgear, power cables to the 6.6kV board and small wiring within the station.

A natural gas measurement and Regulation System (MRS) filters and reduces the gas pressure from the network pressure.



Rated output

3,535 kWe

Gas consumption

8,898 kW at 100% load +/- 5%

Cylinders and configuration

16 in V

Turning speed

1,000 rpm

Equivalent electrical output


Input air flow

18,627 kg/h

Exhaust gas flow

19,134 kg/h

Gas temperature


Maximum noise level at 1 m



Maximum steam flow with only motor gases

7.1 t/h

Steam flow with only conventional burner

3.6 t/h

Maximum steam flow with motor gases and burner

10.7 t/h

Registered pressure

11 bar

Normal operating pressure

6.5 bar

Steam quality

Saturated dry

Motor gas recovery flow

38,268 kg/h

Motor gas temperature


Maximum burner power

3,950 kW

Feed water temperature


Eco output temperature with motor exhaust gases


Output temperature with just the burner


Output of just gases


Output with just burner



Each engine drives a 6 pole 4,600 kVA 6.6kV 50Hz alternator.

The alternators are direct coupled to a 5 PANEL 6.6 kV SCHNEIDER switchboard.

Medium voltage and 400 volt Power and control cabling within the station is to europran regulations.

An Auxiliary Services transformer 6.6/0.4 kV, 400kVA, 50 Hz feeds an auxiliary Services Panel for

– Compressors

– Cooling radiators

– Pumps and fans

– Process Control Panel

– Motor Control Panel

– Bridge Crane

– Air coolers

– Lighting


Steam generation

The motor exhaust gases are directed to a mixed multitubular boiler that produces 7 t/h of saturated steam at 6.5 bar with the heat of the exhaust gases, and this boiler also has a conventional natural gas burner that produces 3.1 t/h. The conventional burner would go into operation in the following cases:

– To supplement the steam demand due to demand higher than 7,179 kg/h.

– To handle the full steam demand (up to the maximum of 3,600 kg/h) in the case of a malfunction or prolonged motor stoppage, which would require steam production independent from cogeneration.

The following table provides the information on the multitubular generator:

Maximum steam flow with only motor gases          7.1 t/h

Steam flow with only conventional burner               3.6 t/h

Maximum steam flow with motor gases and burner             10.7 t/h

Registered pressure                                                     11 bar

Normal operating pressure                                         6.5 bar

Steam quality                                                             Saturated dry

Motor gas recovery flow                                              38,268 kg/h

Motor gas temperature                                                 535ºC

Maximum burner power                                                 3,950 kW

Feed water temperature                                                80ºC

Eco output temperature with motor exhaust gases           117ºC

Output temperature with just the burner                          225ºC

Output of just gases                                                       78.5%

Output with just burner                                                  88%

Hot water            The heat energy of the high and low temperature cooling circuits of the motors was also used to produce 40m3/h of water at 60ºC, required in the cellulose casing manufacturing process.

The total thermal balance of the cogeneration plant was as follows:

– Steam production with exhaust gases at 6.5 bar: 7 t/h

– Steam production with exhaust gases with burner: 3.6 t/h

– Hot water production (15ºC-60ºC): 40m3.

– Hot water production for boiler (40ºC/80ºC): 7.5 t/h

The heat recovered in the cogeneration is:

– Heat recovered exhaust gases: 4,936 kW

– Heat recovered cooling water:

– To produce hot water: 2,093 kW

– To heat boiler intake water: 349 kW

– Total heat recovered: 7,278 kW

Total annual Energy Balance:

– Hours of operation per motor: 8,059 h/year

– Electrical power: 2 x 3,535=7,070 kW

– Electricity produced: 56,977,130 kWh/year

– Fuel consumption: 2 x 8,898 =17,796 kW

143,417,969 kWh/year

– Steam produced: 56,413 t/year

– Hot water at 60ºC: 322,360 m3/year

– Heat recovered: 58,653,402 kWh/year

– Equivalent electrical output: 73%


ENGINE GENSETS – 5300hrs and 1600hrs then mothballed.

FANS/SILENCERS – Cooling air intake silencers, Air outlet silencers

BRIDGE CRANE – 2 tonne


FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM – smoke and flame detectors





INSTRUMENTATION – Thermometers/ Manometers/ Pressurestats/ Flow meters/ Magnetic level indicator/ Temperature transmitters

TRANSFORMER – Auxiliary transformer. Rated power: 0.4 MVA 6.6/0.4kV

MEDIUM VOLTAGE SWITCHBOARD – 5 panel 6.6kV Schneider swbd


CONTROL SYSTEM – Control cabinets/ control system/ data collection




New equipment


6. Basic Scope of Service (Dismantling and packing)

Quoted sales price to include the complete dismantling of the plant. Packing and loading the smaller components into containers. The generators would be transported ‘open’ but fully protected from the environment with custom made heavy duty tarpaulins.

Price is £1,250,000 (GBP) (excl all local and excise taxes and insurances)

7. Extended Scope of Service (Re-installaton)

In addition to the above a full Turnkey price can be provided extending to transportation of all plant to the nearest internation sea-port, export shipping, destination logistics (excluding excise taxes and customs duties), and full re-installation engineering to include:-

– rebuild the power plant, including labour, supervision, flights to principle city, new cabling and pipework, steelwork, fixings and fastenings, exhaust system insulation etc. Commissioning and load testing of the plant against site load or load banks.


The company selected to dismantle and prepare the plant for shipment has full ISO9001 quality accrediation and is an expert in power generation and CHP engineering as such will ensure the following (Reference can be provided). The same company is also available to undertake a full EPC re-installaton of the above plant at its final destination. :-

– A duty of care to its employees, site users, owners / occupiers, visitors and the

general public.

– A Health & Safety system, which is intended to ensure that all employees,customers and members of the general public are made aware of their collective responsibilities under the mandatory, legislative and company laws, rules, regulations and common sense approach which is embodied within a Company Health & Safety Manual.

– Embrace all its obligations and excercise controls in the areas in which it operates producing and maintaining full Site Health & Safety Plans incorporating all ‘local’ requirements.

– Conduct its affairs within the requirements of the Health & Safety environment, the Company will provide the necessary training to personnel to enable them to understand hazards and risks, to be able to maintain a safe system of work and to be aware and responsible for their own actions.


This estimated schedule of works for re-installatoin assumes the following:

– That necessary civil work is completed on time

– That consumables (power, water etc) is available on time

– That the terms mentioned in any associated contract are followed

From date of agreement of terms of sale and deconstruction contract approximate milestones are:

Delivery to new site of main components (location dependent): 3 months

Erection 2½ months

Commissioning 1½ month

Total 7 months


To supply DEUTZ TBG632V16 gensets powered by natural gas and all the above necessary ancillary equipment, controls, switchgear, power cables to the 6.6kV board and small wiring within the station.

FIRM PRICE packed for shipment £1,250,000 STERLING

Budget shipping re building and putting to work [excluding civils but including design and project management]

Allow £375,000 (based on continental ‘First’ World location)


A. Delivered to site costs

To be agreed

B. Re build and commissioning

To be agreed but generally against client engineer approved certificates within an MF1 form of contract.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    We would like to know if the Plant is still available, with who we my start negotiations.
    Please contact us
    Sincerely yours

  2. In case you find any buyer from India, I can help in receipt, erection, installation and commissioning of this power project. I can also take up the operation and maintenance contract. I am a factory trained engineer for MWM (Formerly Deutz) with assess to the TEM Compact/ EVO control and monitoring system of the engine.

  3. Dear Sir,
    We are looking for <1MW (best 250kw) Jenbacher used Biogaz engine.

    Thank you to contact me.


  4. Dear Sir
    We are looking for 5 MW Power (Gas) Plant Eq.
    Please contact us urgently to discuss the technical and financial details.

  5. I can provide local services in India to buyer in dismantling, erection, installation, commissioning and O&M contract.

  6. Dear Sir or madam
    We introduce our self as one of the EPC Contractors, Consultants, and Used Power Plant equipment traders in Iran.
    We are looking for used and new 1 to 5 MW Power (Gas) Plant or CHP generators.
    Now we have a ceruse customer for 4MW CHP
    It is pleasure to contact us as soon as possible.
    Mohamad kharkan.

    • Dear Mr Kharkan,
      We can offer 3.9 MW brand new but second hand Gas engine with CHP Absorption chillers of 1000 TR – 5 Nos in our stock yard at very attractive prices

      Pls contact me asap at 91 98991 66681

  7. Dear Sir
    We are looking for a new 5*5 MW 50HZ Power gas Plant with complete CHP Eq(dual fuel is better).
    Please send for us the technical details and price.

  8. Bargh afshan alborz
    Tel: +98 (0)1212229599
    Fax: +98 (0)1213239001
    10 March 2012
    Claverton Group
    Dear CEO.
    I’m Mohesn Nazari (manager of Bargh Afshan Alborz company located in north of Iran).
    Our subjects: ( used gas engine power plant)

    1- Would you accept our cooperation?
    2- Do you accept LC? Payment with LC – from any country.
    3- Please send the proposal of 7 to 50 megawatt to us.
    4- CIF or EPC in Iran
    * We emphasize that all of our requirements are real and practicable and our customers are ready to purchase with any company or you.

    How can we cooperate with you? (Financial and practical)
    Can we be your agent in Iran in order to sale your products to our customers?

    ? Generator voltage: 11,000 v
    ? Desired engine

    I’m waiting for your response.
    This is an honestly and real request.
    Best regard
    Bargh afshan alborz. Co
    Managing director
    Mohsen nazari

    • Dear Mr Madsen

      We can offer brand new sets of MWM 3.9 MW Gas engines and CHP Absorption chiller of 1000 TR with each set at lucrative price
      If interested contact at 91 98991 66681 India

  9. Vi är intresserad att köpa en begagnad 6MW gasmotor eller den ovan om den är fortfarande inte sålt.vänligen komma med en offert beträffande en gas motor på 6 MW eller en liknande gas motor på cirka 6-7 MW med bästa pris.

  10. Dear Sir,

    ENERGIA LOCAL is Spanish Energy Consultancy company, based in Barcelona.

    We are developing activities such as Energy Strategy Plans for the Spanish Government, for international funds, for electrical utilities and also for the Spanish and European Board of Cogeneration.

    Also one of our activities is to relocate second hand power plants and cogeneration plants.

    We have in our portfolio many used power plants coming out from our consultancy industrial customers.

    At present we have the following equipment which might be interesting for your company:

    – 1 unit FOR SALE gas turbine LM2500 22 MW including complete cogeneration plant with 5 MW steam turbine | total power 26 MW..

    – 2 units FOR SALE DEUTZ TCG 2020 V12 | 1 MW each | natural gas

    – 3 units FOR SALE DEUTZ TBD 620 V12 | 1,3 MW each | diesel

    – 1 unit FOR SALE DEUTZ TBG 620 V16 | 1,4 MW each | natural gas

    – 1 unit FOR SALE DEUTZ TBG 632 V16 | 3,6 MW each | natural gas

    Please check our webpage for further details:

    If you are interested in some other kind of gensets, please let us know and sure we will find them in our portfolio. We have some equipment with 11 kV generators which may suite your needs.

    Please feel free to contact me for further information.

    Best regards

  11. hello sir or madam ,

    we as a holding want to buy 3 * 2 mw gas turbine with ability to cchp , pleas send me all about units you may have as pricing per kw for each unit and shipping prices as fob or CIF Dubai if possible .
    payment will be in LC in any country .

    thanks a lot .

    • Dear sir
      If you ares till interested in gas engines and chip chillers pls contact for brand new second hand sets from India which has not run even for 1 hour
      at lucrative prices

      Amit Vatsa
      91 98991 66681

  12. We need a natural gas power plant (CHP) with cogeneration system, with power 2000-4000kW, frequency 50 Hz, 6000V (possible 400V), used or wich was bought some time ago but was not in use. The quantity of engines and the power of each of them may differ.

    If it is not ready to work without additional details, than what equipment is necessary to add to your generator to run it to work.
    If you have anything to supply, please clarify some details:
    – The date of manufacture and commissioning of the gas generator;
    – Hours of use ;
    – The price.

    • Dear Mr Ivan

      We have 5 sets of brand new gas engines of 3.9 MW and CHP Chillers of 1000 TR each for immediate sale
      If you are interested pls call at 91 98991 66681 or write at
      From India

  13. Dear Sir,
    My company are working in the field of preparing and installation of Gas distributed generator power plants with CHP facilities for customers and now we are looking for partner at this field.
    As you may know Iran has good sources for natural gas and we want to introduce Gas DG power plant for generating electricity and CHP applications.
    There are some inquires for gas power plan and I am talking with them for detailed inquiries.
    Currently I have one inquiry in my hand for following:
    • Plant type: Gas Plant Power with CHP facilities.
    • Total Capacity: 6MW
    • Gen-set type: Open type
    • Plant area, power and quantity: modular type with approximately of 2 MW Gen-set units as parallel synchronization with the grid, can be extended to 7 MW
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • Operation: new or stock
    • Fuel: Natural gas
    • Electrical efficiency: more than 40%
    • Working environment: 24 hours as Continuous Power
    • Customer: Public Grid

    Customer want to have offer for technical and price as soon so can continue for deal and start discussion for order.
    Your fast reply will be more appreciated.

  14. Dear Sir,
    I am looking for gas genset with following features:
    • Capacity: 1.5MW ~ 3.5MW
    • Gen-set type: Open type
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • Operation: new or UNUSED IN stock
    • Fuel: Natural gas
    • Electrical efficiency: more than 41%
    • Working environment: 24 hours as Continuous Power
    • Customer: Public Grid

    Could you please give me your best offer in ASAP.

    Parviz Hoseinzadeh
    Chairman of the Board
    Bayar Tarh Ertebat Co.
    T: +9821 889 55 91-92
    F: +9821 8899 55 93
    M: +98 912 136 0235

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