What is the purpose of the Claverton

At one level, this is more or less stated on the web page  “WHO WE

Fundamentally it is to put people in touch on a one to one basis both inside and outside
Claverton, and so the purpose of the arguments is to draw out and
display who knows what, so that contact can then be made (if mutually desirable)  outside the public
network, and this indeed happens – people we  know, create all sorts of
private networks  and then iniitte all sorts of mutually
beneficial private deals  – simple information swapping, collaborative work, or business deals.

So to a certain extent what is said in public is of little relevance.  What we are in fact carrying out is Interlock
although members may not realise it, and we are tackling the Relevance

The fundamental philosophy was set out in the book “The IRG Solution –
hierarchical incompetence and how to overcome it” (1984 – which pretty much
described the Internet etc well before it was mainstream ) and how it could
be used to generate sensible world views and policies to avoid climate and
resource disaster. (Its a bit long winded because at the time it was necessary  to explain why
people would want a personal computer, which didn’t exist at the time, in
every home, linked by modems, (dew knew wha what that was at the time), and why and
what they would want to communicate about) Claverton is thus  an Information
Routing Group <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_Routing_Group> and
the idea is to propagate it indefinitely – which is why we need more
moderators to run more mailman circulation lists – so  please