Electrical Energy Storage: applications, markets and technologies

Electrical Energy Storage: applications, markets and technologies

The energy storage industry is assured of a successful future.  There will be setbacks in these difficult times, of course, in a sector that has many vulnerable pre-commercial technology developers.  However, storage has all the attributes of a cornerstone technology, enabling real progress in areas that are certain to be of huge significance:

  • the effective use of renewable and distributed energy resources
  • better utilization of assets within the electricity supply industry
  • secure power provision, both at end-user sites and within the ESI
  • sustainable motive power for road vehicles and other mobile applications.

EscoVale’s latest management study, described in the attachment, comes at a critical time for decision-makers faced with complex choices.  It examines opportunities for long-duration storage (applications requiring sufficient stored energy for an hour or more of power delivery). At present, this accounts for scarcely 10% of the $70bn global storage market.  However, it is poised for major change, as the world struggles to cope with multiple challenges.  Climate change and declining reserves of premium fuels create opportunities that are transforming the storage sector; but a couple of years of economic disruption will add to the sizeable casualty list amongst pioneering developers in an area where many different technologies are vying for attention.

The study has worldwide scope and covers the most exciting approaches in this area, in applications from single-digit kW to 100s of MW.  Clients receive two management reports, supported by individual consultancy time to ensure that they get full benefit from the resources allocated to this project.

I hope that this will be of interest and that you will join the dozens of organizations that are already subscribing to this study. Our clients come from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australasia, including:

  • companies responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power
  • energy companies involved with oil, natural gas and hydrogen
  • energy sector project developers
  • organizations with renewable energy interests
  • developers of energy storage technologies
  • suppliers of materials and ancillary equipment
  • companies concerned with high-integrity power systems
  • manufacturers from the transport sector
  • government agencies
  • Universities and research centers
  • investors, consultants and advisers.

Please contact Frank Escombe at frank.escombe@escovale.com if you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss alternatives (for example, we may be able to select from, or add to the project resources, to help meet your specific requirements and budget).

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