Dutch – Polish – German – English Translations

Anna Zielinska obtainied a master’s  degree in German studies (2005) and Dutch studies (2006 – 3 years translation specialization) at the University of Wroclaw. She is now  a certified translator for the Dutch language registered at the Polish Ministry of Justice. She has 6 years of experience in translation from and to Dutch, German, Polish and English. She has just finished a stint at the European Commission Joint Research Centre – JRC in Petten, Holland.

Rates are as advised by the Polish Ministry of Justice:

 For certified translations, per page containing 1025 characters:

 Dutch – Polish – 8,50 EUR 

Polish-Dutch – 10 EUR

 For non-certified or work translations per page containing 1800 characters:

 Dutch – Polish – 10 EUR

Polish-Dutch – 12 EUR

German – Polish and Polish-German – 8 EUR

English – Polish – 8 EUR

 Contact details:

 Anna Zielinska

Jan van Goyesnstraat 86

1816 EG Alkmaar

tel: +31 – 613593901

or: +48 – 515-854-981


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