Document Download / Management

Log in to WordPress using the user name and password supplied to you.

Look down the left hand menu and at the bottom you will see Downloads

1.) Select Downloads / Add a File
2.) Select “Upload a File” and browse to the file location and select it
3.) Click “Open” to lock it in for upload
4.) Enter a descriptive File Name if you want if different to the actual file name – or copy/ paste file name
5.) Enter a brief file description
6.) Select a File Category
7.) File size will automatically be added
8.) Click “Add File” button
That’s it. Go to the Library / Downloads page, select the Category you added the file to… it should
appear in the list:
Claverton Energy Group – Site Admin Manual – V.2009/02/24
1.8.1 File Categories
These are set in Download Options.
You can add extra categories by appending them to the end of the list.
NB: DO NOT change the order of the Categories because this will cause all sorts of grief – the
documents are associated with the number assigned to the category, NOT the name… changing the order
will assign existing documents to completely different categories!!!
1.8.2 Library / Downloads Page
The list of Categories done manually, not dynamically. If you add a new Category, then you will need to
add it to the list on:

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