Depressing but probably true comment on rate of growth of renewable energies in Wikipedia

From wikiepedia article on wind power:

Fastest growing energy source

The statement that wind power is the world’s fastest growing energy source needs to be qualified. It may be correct in terms of greatest added capacity, if China has stopped building a new coal power plant a week, or two, but it is not true in terms of rate of increase, as wind power is doubling every three years, about a 28%/year increase, but photovoltaics is doubling every two years, about a 48%/year increase. Photovoltaics is starting with a much smaller installed base, about 15.2 GWp in 2008 vs. an installed base of 121.188 GWp of wind power in 2008. The two are not directly comparable because each has a different capacity factor, but neglecting capacity factor, if the same rates continue solar will catch up with wind in 14.3 years, at which time each will provide about 5% of current energy consumption, with wind a little more because of the better capacity factor. If I might add a blatant plug here, this is no where near fast enough to make a significant dent either into global warming, or a replacement for collapsing oil production due to peak oil, so in fact each rate needs to be doubled from current growth rates. (talk) 15:49, 27 March 2009 (UTC)