Delegate seeks room / accomodation for two nights in Berlin Friday 8 & Saturday 9 November – single British male, activist in community energy

From: [] On Behalf Of  Accommodation sought in Berlin, 2 x nights of this Friday 8 & Saturday 9 November – single British male, activist in community energy, with reasonable German – will provide humour for money!

Theres a very good thing called COUCHSURFERS designed for this very thing!

alban.thurston (the at siggn )

Can anyone help, please ? I seek a free sofa in Berlin for the nights of Friday 8 and Saturday 9th November. Does anyone have any friends living near Berlin’s Technical University – between Tempelhof and Tegel airports – , on whom they’d contemplate inflicting me to stay?

Run by ‘BuergerEnergie Berlin’, the capital’s wonderful citizens’ energy co-operative, next Saturday’s free conference Network Summit/NetzGipfel” will concentrate on the practicalities of Berliners bidding next year to take back democratic control of their city’s electricity grid from 2015 for 20 years. Conference details at Heavyweights: Env minister P Altmayer, Ursula Sladek, pioneer of Schoenau, near Freiburg, bankers, lawyers, financiers, activists.

Attention on Berlin is huge among Europe’s community of energy activists. On 22 September Hamburg’s voters opted narrowly to follow Berlin’s citizens’ path. In a tiny way, London’s government is tinkering around the margins of municipal / citizens’ operation of a grid. Hence the value of some kind of British observation at next weekend’s Berlin conference.

Can anyone help? I have good conversational German ( – but manky at business-level.) If you can fix your own accommodation, then come and join me ! Once I find a video camera, am very happy to record short interviews in English at the Berlin Co-operatives’ conference with lovely German delegates. Useful for efforts as UK communities – Peterborough, Manchester, Bradford, Edinburgh ? – push ahead with community-controlled or municipal green generation.

My funds are very tight, so all offers of accommodation for Friday 8 and/or Sat 9 will will be gratefully acknowledged. Big thanks! Vielen Dank ! May even provide tear-stained copies of Philip Oltermann’s exceptionally fine study, ‘Keeping Up with the Germans: 200 years of Anglo-German Encounters‘ , Faber, 2011 Wunderbares Buch!

With best regards / Mit herzlichen Grüsse,

Alban Thurston

Projekt Sonnenschein unites right-of-centre politicians in Britain & Germany, educating them in the benefits of community-owned renewable energy. Accountable, local & democratic, community-ownership of low carbon energy has proved to be the most powerful policy tool available to change citizens’ behaviour towards energy use & conservation. For 30 minutes’ BBC radio about Germany’s 600 (yes) community-owned energy co-operatives, click on Radio 4’s ‘Costing the Earth’ at owns your power? m: +44 (0) 7710 888064 p: London SW19 8JZ e: Alban.Thurston(the at siggn) Twitter: @AlbanThurston @PSonnenSchein


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