Day One -20th May – of the forthcoming All Energy conference in Aberdeen

re the Grid, the second one being the one I’ve put together re the Legal and Financial Infrastructure.

I have Aily Armour-Biggs (a Clavertonite) chairing it, plus a Scottish Government speaker, Mike McElhinney, and a lawyer from Talisman Energy, Jacquelynn Craw, who is very familiar with the North Sea MasterDeed legal infrastructure

This simplified North Sea asset transfers a lot so they went from being a complete disaster to merely a pain.

I will be outlining an alternative “Master Partnership” financing/ownership approach which I have developed and which is under serious consideration by Iran in the context of leading a “Caspian Master Partnership”.

Sally Barrett-Williams introduced me to Steve Drummond as a potential fourth speaker, but he couldn’t make it, regrettably.

Best Regards

Chris Cook

PS: I hope Dave McGrath can make it, having read his recent “cri de coeur” concerning market structure etc