Costs of nuclear combined heat and power and district heating


See a paper where we have had a stab at what the actual cost for piping from Nuclear CHP will be in practice.

It ties in with Estimates made in the 1980s and evidence given at the Sizewell enquiry by John Macadam and Orchard Partners on behalf of the GLC who were making the case that our proposal for a 120MW CHP to heat the 30,000 dwellings on district heating in Southwark was a better option than investment in Sizewell B.

Both were investments that for the private sector gave inadequate returns but for the public sector they were viable if carried out to time and budget.

The CEGB who were our Central Electricity Generating board agreed at the time that it would be economic to serve London with heat from Nuclear CHP.

The same information was in Energy Paper 35 where Dr Roger Price of AEA evaluated the Odense project as part of their input to that project.

The modelling of that paper used the method for the analysis of CHP that I developed with BRE that is currently in the building regulations.

The defect in the building regulations however lies with SAP which is a cost based index at its heart and not energy or CO2 based.

Would welcome comments on the assumptions in the attached paper.

My current view is your opinions lack a calculation basis.

I am often get things wrong in life and welcome being put back on the right track




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