CONNECTING LOW CARBON GENERATION Sponsors – Carbon Catalysts Group & IET8 December – Bath University


Sponsors – Carbon Catalysts Group & IET8 December – Bath University* 

6.30   David Tolley – Chairman

6.40   Clive Goodman – Western Power Distribution

7.10   Panel: Gareth Furlong & Keith Munday from MPC

The government’s policies for low carbon sources of electricity generation envisage a significant growth in new generation that is connected to distribution networks.  Whilst there are prospective efficiency gains to be made from connecting generation electrically closer to demand this policy can lead to unintended consequences as generators seek to connect to networks that were designed for the radial distribution of power from the transmission system to customers. An evening of discussion has been organised to review the requirements for connecting generation to a distribution network, and air some of the issues that can arise.  Clive Goodman, who is the Primary System Design Engineer for Western Power Distribution will describe the technical requirements, processes and procedures for the connection of new low carbon generation.  He will then join a Panel that will include Keith Munday and Gareth Furlong from the Carbon Catalysts Group who will bring a practical perspective to the discussion. 


*Department Electronic & Electrical Engineering  —
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