"Climate scientists: it's time for 'Plan B' " – The Independent Survey

According the Independent newspaper – Steve Connor, Science Editor and Chris Green.

Friday, 2 January 2009 “An emergency “Plan B” using the latest technology is needed to save the world from dangerous climate change, according to a poll of leading scientists” carried out by The Independent. This is due to the collective international failure to curb the growing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. 

A significant proportion would now support research into such measures as seeding the oceans with iron filings to promote algae growth, seeding the upper atmosphere with sulphate particles to mimic the cooling effect noticed when large volcanoes such as Krakatoa exploded (still detectable in the early 20th Century), the location in fixed orbit of millions of solar mirrors, and the Salter scheme for spraying sea water in the air using thousands of radio controlled, sailing ships, to create fog which increases the earths albedo and on shore precipitation.

Just over half of the 80 international specialists in climate science who took part in the Independent survey think that the situation is now so dire that we need to start seriously considering these kind of geo engineering or “terra forming” approaches.

Its a shame there was no mention of the Desert Rose concept,  and the Seawater Greenhouse concept

Most of the comments were sneeringly dismissive of the problem of global warming regarding it as a fantasy.

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