Climate change and global warming links – refutation of climate change deniers

Hi Hugh,

You say : “…the ten year cooling trend?…”

I say : What utter piffle ! Just look at this chart (link below). It’s
a very simplified form of the temperature charts, just to make it easy
for people like me to refute people like you :-

More charts that refute your statement are here :-

You’re clearly not up-to-date. One icy winter does not Global Cooling
make. In fact, there could be an excessive warming trend for a while
(as opposed to a badly warming trend for a while) :-
“Global warming and a hotter solar cycle will bump up average
atmospheric temperatures about a third of a degree by 2014, and then
flatten out for the rest of the decade, suggest climate scientists.”

You are wrong about Global Warming, but you’re in communication with a
group of people who would deny black is black, so I don’t expect you
to believe me.

Please don’t continue sending me Climate Change Denier myths. Please
only talk to me about Energy.


Thank you,

Jo Abess

The above in response to Hugh Sharman’s post below:
On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 8:34 AM, Hugh Sharmanwrote:
> ….continuing the ten year cooling trend?  We shall have to see!
> US Gas Market Watch
> NGW’s Gas Market Reconnaissance (Friday, Aug. 21, 2009) Full Story Pub Info
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> Natural gas prices fell nearly 4% Friday touching $2.776/MMBTtu, the lowest
> price since Aug. 12, 2002. Friday’s selling pressure was realized after
> hedge funds in the OTC market began pounding prices lower. Traders said the
> reality of a truly oversupplied market is creating an ultra-bearish
> sentiment throughout the gas market. However, Friday also marked the 12th
> consecutive losing session, so a rebound could be expected as September
> nears expiration on Thursday.
> Lucky US: Gas Storage Glut Could Meet Bone-Chilling Winter Loads
> Natural Gas Week (Monday, August 24, 2009) Full Story Pub Info Send to a
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> Some weather forecasting services are providing a preliminary glimpse at the
> upcoming 2009-10 winter … and the outlook is cold, very cold. In fact,
> some forecasters see the potential for the coldest winter in a decade. If
> these forecasts pan out, the US may need every molecule of natural gas being
> stuffed into its brimming storage fields.
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