Wartsila / MWM natural gas power plant 25 - 60 MW (3 - 6 sets) wanted

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Posted: 14 Aug 2017 06:24 AM PDT

From: Dave Andrews
Email: davida@pssquared.co.uk
Company: PSsquared
Subject: Request for a complete gas engine power plant

Message Body:
I am looking to find a used or new( Wartsila or MWM) power plant with below spec.

Below are some considered engine requirements:

1- Output power, 25 to 60 MW (3 to 6 sets).
2-Year of manufacture 2013 and afterwards.
3-Preferable Models, 20V34SG and 18V34SG.Preferable Models, 8.7Mw to 9.7Mw and 18.9Mw engines.
4-Natural gas fuel only.
5-50HZ , 11KV, Efficiency more than 42%.

Dave Andrews