4 units NEW WÄRTSILA 6L26 Generator Sets

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For sale 4 units NEW
WÄRTSILA 6L26 Generator Sets
Nominal Power 1950 kW
Year or manufacture: 2012
Condition: NEW, unused
Delivery: ready

Engine WARTSILA 6L26
6-cylinder four-stroke engine
Power 1.950 kW
Speed 900 rpm.
Cylinder Ø 260 mm
Stroke 320 mm
Air starter
Two-circuit cooling
Charge air cooler
Lubricating oil cooler

On common base with alternator AvK
1950 kW
900 rpm
Frequency 60 Hz
Efficiency 0.96

Dimensions: 7500 x 2300 x 2430 mm
Weight: 40.000 kg

The new engines and their associated generators are mounted on a common base frame with standard auxiliary equipment set – to make gensets functional.