IGCC plus CCS: An Objective Analysis

By F.Starr

2008 Conference Paper Synopsis: The paper briefly describes the technology of conventional IGCCs for electricity generation and shows how such “precombustion plants” need to be modified to capture CO2. The main difference is that the raw gas from the gasifier has to be treated to produce a fuel gas containing more than 90% hydrogen. This adds to the complexity of the plant. But the main reason why the large scale construction of such plants is unlikely in the near future is the absence of a large domestic and industrial market for hydrogen. The paper therefore advocates the production of substitute natural gas, with CO2 capture, as being a more realistic option which can use the existing infrastructure

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Conference Goals – Claverton Energy Group

To bring together numerous experts who can give numerical details of the potential scope, cost and other attributes of climate emergency, energy issues and technologies and, more importantly, how each can fit into an overall picture, for the UK, Europe and the World.

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