Trading Green is moving forward and have started introducing to South-East Asia (Thailand and Philippines ) an innovative wastewater bio-treatment process.

Dear Claverton, Trading Green is moving forward and this might be a good time to ask for your assistance! As you will see by the attached, the main product we have started introducing to South-East Asia (Thailand and Philippines for the moment) is an innovative wastewater bio-treatment. Its superior performance and quick action can really […]

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Renewable Community Energy request for european contacts

Subject: Renewable Community Energy – request from George Hay in the US. Claverton:   Are there any European “leaders” in community energy/sustainable energy concepts in England/Europe you could put me in contact with?   I’m seeing in CA: the RESCO project by Gerry Braun, methodology for municipalities to plan for distributed resouces, attract critical mass of investment […]

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ADRECS – How To Rapidly Convert The Central Deserts Of China To Agricultural Regions Producing Huge Amounts Of Renewable Energy For Europe

This article describes a novel concept using existing technology to very quickly a) control the desertification and sand drifts b) enable the establishment of plant species c) the construction of wind farms or CSP connected to Europe by either a lengthy HVDC transmission system, or the local production of ammonia which can readily be transported to eg Europe / USA and easily used as a vehicle fuel d) the construction of a vast area of seawater greenhouses using sea water pumped thousands of miles to be desalinated by solar energy to allow the production of food and or energy crops. (Contrary to what some ill-informed people claim this does not use a huge amount of energy compared to other national uses) e) unlocks the massive potential for carbon sequestration via organic matter in soil

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Earthwatch Lecture – Forests and Climate Change

Earthwatch Lecture – Forests and Climate Change Thursday 26th March, 7.00pm-8.30pm at the Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR Our forests, home to an extraordinary range of biodiversity, and arguably one of our greatest safeguards against climate change, continue to be depleted at an alarming rate. How can we set about securing their future?

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KIV – Biomass and waste to energy district heating and power generation plants

KIV commenced the commissioning a new gasification EfW CHP and district heating scheme in September 2008. The plant has been designed to environmental standards above and beyond the EU Waste Incineration Directive (WID), which also incorporates Best Available Technique (BAT), lodged with the EU BREF documents office. The plant will be an EU ‘showcase’ project, which incorporates a presentation room for coach parties of visitors.

Approximately five years ago, KIV commenced a joint development for the gasification EfW CHP plant with Celje town council. The plant has an 18MWth input capacity for <38,000 tpa of a mixed fuel (80% RDF + 20% Sewage Sludge), with an average CV of 13.6MJ/kg, based on a guaranteed 8,000 hrs/annum availability. The scheme is connected to an existing District Heating scheme, which has a 110oC flow temperature. The scheme is ‘heat led’ and therefore produces a reduced amount of gross power at 2.1 MWe. If the scheme was ‘electricity led’, it would produce 3.8MWe of gross power.

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We've been asked to have a look digester technology to treat the effluent from a palm oil mill We‘ve been asked to have a quick look at this technology for a dig ester to treat the effluent from a palm oil mill and then recovering the gas to run a boiler or potentially getting a generator to produce electricity. There would also be revenue from O&M and carbon credits. One of the […]

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Senior Energy Analyst reports on biochar as economic method of CCS

Hi Claverton,

Just read this on bio-char.

Sound’s good to me. At £9/tonne this seems a sizeable contribution to GHG

reduction at a carbon price we already have in the EU cap and trade system.

I think the silver buckshot Al Gore cites will have many such low tech, low

cost solutions. For me making charcoal is an intuitively correct solution

as it seems to be a simple way of compressing the natural carbon capture

cycle that can be done at low capital costs and with lots of other benefits

as well.



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