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Latest version – feel free to comment or edit – strangely, has a large number of refrences from the claverton site. Jump to: navigation, search Erie Shores Wind Farm monthly output over a two year period An intermittent energy source is a source of electric power generation that may be uncontrollably variable or more intermittent than […]

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Day One -20th May – of the forthcoming All Energy conference in Aberdeen re the Grid, the second one being the one I’ve put together re the Legal and Financial Infrastructure. I have Aily Armour-Biggs (a Clavertonite) chairing it, plus a Scottish Government speaker, Mike McElhinney, and a lawyer from Talisman Energy, Jacquelynn Craw, who is very familiar with the North Sea MasterDeed legal infrastructure

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Is Wind Power Reliable? Capacity Credit of Wind Energy

Is Wind Power Reliable   The following is a commentary on David Milborrow’s article in “New Power UK/Issue 1/February 2009”.   As David says, you would not design a thermal power generating system which did not have built in reserve. He has answered his comment about those letter writers being unconcerned (or unaware) that there […]

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Is wind power reliable? – An authoritative article from David Millborrow who is technically experienced and numerate, unlike many other commentators

The UK has committed itself to a very ambitious target to increase its wind powered generation

capacity by 2020. The EC’s 15% renewable energy target implies that renewable electricity,

much of its wind power, will have to provide between 35-40% of electricity supplies. This has

caused concerns in some quarters that the UK ‘s security of supply will be placed in jeopardy.

However, others say this concern is overplayed. In the following article, David Milborrow*

debunks myths surrounding wind power’s reliability.

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