" Are Smart Meters Really That Smart?" who really benefits from smart metering?

On 3 October 2010 10:12, David Hirst .com <david@davidhirst.com> wrote: Good information is a Good Thing. Nobody doubts that, for some people and organisations, improved information about their electricity (and even gas and water) consumption and its costs could provoke some behaviour change, or trigger energy saving investments. Indeed, current UK laws assume this is […]

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A manufacturer claims "the pulsed meter output facility is an essential part of meter technology and should be preserved, not blocked as OFGEM is permitting the Energy Companies to do".

CAMPAIGN TO SAVE THE PULSED OUTPUT METER  FOR THE SAKE OF UK PLC Summary: 50% of electricity and gas used in building is used in small quantities and metered through low volume non Half Hourly registering meters – as per your house which are read every 3 months roughtly, and hence are  quarterly year metering . To […]

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Electrical Energy Storage: applications, markets and technologies

The energy storage industry is assured of a successful future.  There will be setbacks in these difficult times, of course, in a sector that has many vulnerable pre-commercial technology developers.  However, storage has all the attributes of a cornerstone technology, enabling real progress in areas that are certain to be of huge significance: the effective use of […]

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Cost of utility's (WPD) fatal imcompetence – a mere £270,000

From the wonderful Electrical Review Column – Gossage “The late Professor Roland Levinsky was a pioneering immunologist, and vice-chancellor of the University of Plymouth. He died because, in atrocious weather conditions, he walked into a live 11,000 volt power cable left dangling across a footpath near Wembury, Devon. It was not as if the cable […]

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Smart Metering 2009; Making it Happen

The Institution of Engineering and Technology are working with Tom Eales from Special Report Publishing who is producing a 16 page Smart Metering Supplement, to be published in The Daily Telegraph.

The supplement will focus on explaining the advantages, opportunities and challenges around smart metering for business and will be published in The Daily Telegraph on the 27th November 2008 with a huge circulation of 610,000 copies.

Further copies will be distributed at Smart Metering 2009 and all editorial content will also be published on the Daily Telegraph Business Club website. The tabloid-sized page report will be written by highly regarded journalists and industry speakers and will be packed with relevant editorial.

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