a regular up to date source of hard info on renewable energy- Renew

Need a regular up to date source of hard info on renewable energy? Renew is a 36 page newsletter on renewable energy developments and policy which has been produced  by Open University Professor Dave Elliott without a break bi-monthly since 1979. It’s widely seen as a reliable and up to date source of information, news […]

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Water Meters – confusing cause and effect ? Letter from Prof Lesley

Dear Editor, Is today’s front page story another attempt by the Government to tax us more ? UK homeowners (with or without meters) already pay more for water than Continentals. UK water use if wasteful. About 90% of domestic water flushes toilets and washes; ourselves, clothes and dishes. Fortunately the washing machine makers have reduced […]

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How Much Wind Energy is there? – Brian Hurley – Wind Site Evaluation Ltd.


The starting point is an estimate of the total quantity of kinetic energy in the atmosphere. Lorenz gives 1.5 x 106Joules/m2 as the quantity of kinetic energy contained in the atmosphere(1). Smil gives a figure described as the annual “solar radiation reaching the earth” as equal to 5.8 x 1024Joules, or 1.84 X 1017W, and 360W/m2(2). Annual Solar radiation absorbed by earths surface(land and sea) 2.9 x 1024Joules, or 9.19 X 1016W, and 180W/m2. Note the solar constant is 1,366W/m2. Smil refers to a source from Lorenz(1976) that “atmospheric motion” was about 2% of 3.5PW insolation. ( Applying 2% to Smil’s 9.19 X 1016W giving 1.84 X 1015W with his figure for winds below 1km 1.22 x 1015W is the right order of magnitude

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Earthwatch Lecture – Forests and Climate Change

Earthwatch Lecture – Forests and Climate Change Thursday 26th March, 7.00pm-8.30pm at the Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR Our forests, home to an extraordinary range of biodiversity, and arguably one of our greatest safeguards against climate change, continue to be depleted at an alarming rate. How can we set about securing their future?

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A SEVERN BARRAGE OR WHAT? Options for Renewable Energy from the Severn Estuary

RSA Wales and Western Region Website http://www.rsawaw.org The Royal Society of Arts is registered as a charity in England and Wales 212424 The British Science Association Website http://www.britishscienceassociation.org The British Science Association is registered as a charity in England and Wales 212479 A SEVERN BARRAGE OR WHAT? Options for Renewable Energy from the Severn Estuary […]

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KIV – Biomass and waste to energy district heating and power generation plants

KIV commenced the commissioning a new gasification EfW CHP and district heating scheme in September 2008. The plant has been designed to environmental standards above and beyond the EU Waste Incineration Directive (WID), which also incorporates Best Available Technique (BAT), lodged with the EU BREF documents office. The plant will be an EU ‘showcase’ project, which incorporates a presentation room for coach parties of visitors.

Approximately five years ago, KIV commenced a joint development for the gasification EfW CHP plant with Celje town council. The plant has an 18MWth input capacity for <38,000 tpa of a mixed fuel (80% RDF + 20% Sewage Sludge), with an average CV of 13.6MJ/kg, based on a guaranteed 8,000 hrs/annum availability. The scheme is connected to an existing District Heating scheme, which has a 110oC flow temperature. The scheme is ‘heat led’ and therefore produces a reduced amount of gross power at 2.1 MWe. If the scheme was ‘electricity led’, it would produce 3.8MWe of gross power.

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