Biomethane vehicles open up green driving

UK business can now take advantage of the first mass scale second generation biofuel to be produced from waste. This is as a result of the launch in the UK of 3 brand new vehicles that have been developed by Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz to run on 100% renewable methane (biomethane)

 The Volkswagen Caddy Ecofuel is ideal for companies who operate small white vans or far airport taxis who need 7 seats.  The Sprinter NGT is the perfect large van, ideal for supermarkets and with thousands of applications. The Econic articulated truck is ideal for deliveries into cities and between distribution centres.  All these vehicles have low environmental impact in terms of noise, NOX and particulates but it is their carbon neutrality when fuelled on biomethane that is transformational.

 London aims for 25 anaerobic digesters which will provide 25 sources for biomethane for these vehicles. By making the renewable methane were waste is processed there is a very significant ‘well to wheels’ benefit – avoiding all the emissions associated with producing oil and refining it to diesel and the need to move fuel by road.

 A number of major supermarkets are developing AD facilities to reduce their carbon footprint and moving their waste and their goods in vehicles fuelled with biomethane is a compelling proposition. No other combination of fuel and vehicle can come close to the carbon neutrality offered in these OEM produced and highly reliable vehicles with range for a days work and the ability to be refueled within a matter of minutes.

 A clear and deliverable path to a sustainable future has arrived in the UK.

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