BBC talks about Dynamic Demand (smart fridges) and Smart Metering.

BBC programme “You and Yours” discussed the issues in a pretty comprehensive and well researched manner..  A representative from David Hirst’s (A Claverton Member)  RLTek company described how the frequency sensitive device, fitted to fridges, which are now being sold in UK can help the grid.

Also talked to the Opposition spokesman on energy about Smart Meter and Smart Grids. They described the benefits, but the BBC noted a DEC / BERR report which stated that the benefits for the consumer would be small, and much larger for the utilities.  this was more or less denied by the Conservative spokesman.

The point is that Smart Metering is widely considered by some commentators to be a wheeze (Peers for Laws?) to allow the utilities to give up on their hopelessly managed job of actually reading meters (currently with a Meter Reader) – and pile the costs onto consumers by fitting more expensive Smart Meters. Most of the benefits could be achieved by much simpler and cheaper devices.

There was no mention of the fact that both of the systems covered would assist renewables by allowing loads to be deferred not merely from peak demand periods, but to peak wind/renewable generation periods.